Marni’s Studio of Performing Arts is one of the Coasts most recognised and well respected dance schools.

Marni’s is celebrating 30+ years of operation... For 3 decades Marnis passion and love for dance and teaching is still as strong as the day it began.

Marni takes pride in offering the most comprehensive dance education, whilst keeping classes fun, engaging, nurturing and developing each childs individual strengths.

Marni was just 16 when she took over the studio from Rhonda Lawrence (then Rhonda’s Jazz Dance Studio). Marni has since then built it into a fun, nurturing, professional and passionate dance studio.

The bottom line is Marni loves teaching dance – all styles, all facets, and she loves to bring her joy into her studio.

This love and dedication to the arts follows through in all her talented staff members, which then carries through to the students.

Marni’s staff are professionals with plenty of experience in the entertainment industry, they have an understanding of what it takes to become a dancer and how to get there. They also understand that firstly dance is here for fun, we pride ourselves in making each class as rewarding as possible and sending each child away from our classes with confidence and a feeling of being a special part of our “Marni’s’ family”.

The studio offers many styles for three year olds through to adults, from beginners through to professionals.